Team noLife takes top placing at WCG NYP

[size=1][color=grey]Team noLife (from left to right): Desmine “viRus”, Joel “ReNeWious” Lok, Ng “Abuse” Wei Loon, Chee “boring” Yongcheng and Daniel “*tears” Koh.[/color][/size][/center]

DotA Allstars team [b]noLife[/b] triumped over team [b]r3pu|sE[/b] at the WCG Nanyang Polytechnic Campus Preliminary and walked away with a Samsung U3 MP3 player for each member. [b]noLife[/b] will be seeded into the WCG Singapore National Finals as well as the Samsung Campus Gaming Festival.
The finals started at 10am at the NYP Theatre for the Arts, with a sizeable group of supporters and spectators gathering in the room to watch the live match broadcast on the plasma screen.

After two matches restarts, once due to an early disconnection and the second time to clarify match restart rules, the match finally proceeded proper at about 11am.

[b]noLife[/b] took a total of 1 hour 41 minutes to overcome [b]r3pu|sE[/b]. [b]r3pu|sE[/b] held the advantage throughout most of the first half of the game, eventually pushed [b]noLife[/b] back into their base. However, [b]r3pu|sE[/b] was unable to break in. [b]noLife[/b] managed to capitalize on several of [b]r3pu|sE[/b]’s mistakes and were eventually able to come back strongly to win the game.

[b]noLife[/b]’s victory at the NYP Campus Prelim earns them a seed into the Singapore National Finals, as well as the chance to represent NYP at the Samsung Campus Gaming Festival, which will be held alongside the WCG Asian Championship and after the Singapore National Finals.

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