WCG.SG SAFRA League day 1 results


Counter-Strike 1.6 teams [b]RageFaction[/b] and [b]teamR[/b] power their way into the semi-finals of the WCG Singapore 2007 SAFRA League. DotA Allstars teams [b]Knight-Mare[/b] and [b]Team Royal[/b] proceed into the semi-finals as well. Full match results after the jump.

[b][color=red]UPDATE[/color] (27/05/07 2:40 pm):[/b] Semi-finals for both CS and DotA have been concluded. [b]RageFaction[/b] came from behind, 13-2 down, to triumph over [b]teamR[/b] 16-14 in the second half. [b]RageFaction[/b] and [b]Real Gaming[/b], [b]Knight-Mare[/b] and [b]Gambling Jokes[/b] are tying for first in CS and DotA respectively. View the updated brackets after the jump.

Three of the top CS teams in Singapore, [b]RageFaction[/b], [b]teamR[/b] and [b]Team TitaNs[/b], showed up for the first major CS tournament of 2007. The first major clash of the SAFRA League occured early during the quarter-final stage. Arch-rivals [b]teamR[/b] went up against [b]Team TitaNs[/b] in an exciting match that saw many nail-biting moments.

[b]teamR[/b] were leading 11-0 on the Terrorist side in the first half, but lost their momentum and conceded the last four rounds to [b]Team TitaNs[/b]. The half ended at 11-4 in favour of [b]teamR[/b].

[b]TitaNs[/b] continued their winning streak in the second half, gaining momentum and denying [b]teamR[/b] any victories. Just when things were looking bad for [b]teamR[/b], they went for broke. Quickly rushing TitaNs’ positions, they managed to clear them and gain a victory. [b]teamR[/b]’s morale now restored, they easily won the match. [b]teamR[/b] would later describe the rush as a “miracle”.

Meanwhile, DotA team [b]Knight-Mare[/b], the favourites to win the SAFRA League, easily defeated quarter-final opponents [b][a.H][/b]. [b]Knight-Mare[/b] has seen extensive competitive action in recent competitions including the recent [url=http://www.gamesync.net/events/intel-gaming-cup]Intel Gaming Cup[/url] 2007.

In the other quarter-final match played today, [b]Team Royal[/b] won RSC to proceed on to the semi-finals.

Only half of the quarter-final matches were played on day 1 due to time limitations. The other half will be played on Sunday, 27 May 2007 at 10 am instead. The semi-finals will then be played out at 12 pm.

The winning team of the SAFRA League for both CS and DotA will walk away with S$500 worth of cash and products as well as be seeded into the WCG Singapore National Finals. The second and third placing teams will receive S$300 and S$100 respectively.

[b][size=3]Results for WCG SAFRA League Grassroots Preliminary[/size][/b]

[b][i]Counter-Strike 1.6[/i][/b]

[b]Top 16[/b][list]
[*][b]say Your prayers[/b] won }{2
[*][b]team qq[/b] won WAESA Resonance.
[*][b]Real Gaming[/b] won skeptic !
[*][b]CIRCLEcircleDOTdot[/b] won extreme.Sembarang
[*][b]Team TitaNs[/b] won team.fierced
[*][b]teamR[/b] won Team isN
[*][b]xeb3[/b] won ecR
[*][b]RageFaction[/b] won TeamHackTech[/list]

[*][b][color=red]UPDATE[/color] (27/05/07 2:40 pm): say Your prayers[/b] won team qq
[*][b][color=red]UPDATE[/color] (27/05/07 2:40 pm): Real Gaming[/b] won CIRCLEcircleDOTdot
[*][b]teamR[/b] won Team TitaNs
[*][b]RageFaction[/b] won xeb3[/list]

[b]Semi-finals ([color=red]UPDATED[/color] 27/05/07 2:40 pm)[/b][list]
[*][b]Real Gaming[/b] won say Your prayers
[*][b]RageFaction[/b] won teamR[/list]

[b]Finals ([color=red]UPDATED[/color] 27/05/07 7:45 pm)[/b][list]
[*]1st/2nd: [b]RageFaction[/b] won Real Gaming
[*]3rd/4th: [b]teamR[/b] won say Your prayers[/list]

[b][i]DotA Allstars[/i][/b]

[b]Top 16[/b][list]
[*][b]Poke And Die (PaD)[/b] won What’s The Story
[*][b]Gambling Jokes[/b] won Spartanz
[*][b]3[/b] won *-| NoLink
[*][b]Sephi[/b] won [a.H2]
[*][b]RSC[/b] won WAESA FroZ
[*][b]Team Royal[/b] won Erus
[*][b]Knight-Mare[/b] won CaLaMiTy*
[*][b][a.H][/b] won Prot?_喝g?_喝[/list]

[*][b][color=red]UPDATE[/color] (27/05/07 2:40 pm): Gambling Jokes[/b] won Poke And Die (PaD)
[*][b][color=red]UPDATE[/color] (27/05/07 2:40 pm): Sephi[/b] won 3
[*][b]Team Royal[/b] won RSC
[*][b]Knight-Mare[/b] won [a.H][/list]

[b]Semi-finals ([color=red]UPDATED[/color] 27/05/07 2:40 pm)[/b][list]
[*][b]Gambling Jokes[/b] won Sephi
[*][b]Knight-Mare[/b] won Team Royal[/list]

[b]Finals ([color=red]UPDATED[/color] 27/05/07 7:45 pm)[/b][list]
[*]1st/2nd: [b]Knight-Mare[/b] won Gambling Jokes
[*]3rd/4th: [b]Team Royal[/b] won Sephi[/list]

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