CAPL 07/08 Spring Season Open Cat top 16 results


[b]SINGAPORE[/b] – After almost 18 hours of competitive play, the eight CAPL 2007/08 Spring Season Open Category quarter-finalist teams have emerged from a playing field of 64 teams.

Teams Hello panda, sio the floor, SpiDy and Hybrid made it through to the quarter-finals after a long night of tournament play. They started their matches at about 12 midnight, immediately after the official launch of CAPL 2007/08.

In the afternoon session, teams Evolution, Gamers Inc`Alpha, Mi2 (playing under the name of We are Noob) and the donuts went through to the quarter-finals in what could be argued to be a much tougher bracket compared to the morning session.

In the new CAPL 2007/08 format, all eight teams quarter-finalists will be promoted into the Elite Category. They will be replacing the last 8 finishers in the Elite Category.

The morning session saw relatively unknown teams filling up the brackets, whereas the afternoon session was filled to the brim with established teams and players in the competitive DotA scene.

Apart from Mi2 and Gamers Inc`Alpha, Gamers Inc and Rex also participated in the tournament. Both teams have extensive competitive experience. Experienced players from T@x!S~ and Knight-Mare also played for noob village and the donuts respectively.

The eight quarter-finalist teams will be reporting to E2Max@Cine-L9 at 11.30am tomorrow, with the quarter-final matches starting at 12pm. The Elite category matches will also take place tomorrow, from 10am onwards.

The full match results and fixtures are available [url=]here[/url].

[list][url=]CAPL 2007/08 Spring Season results[/url] ([/list]

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