CAPL 2007/08 Elite Category action heats up


[b]SINGAPORE[/b] – The last Elite Category quarter-final match has been concluded. Ipod Mini, xqR, Zenith will proceed to the semi-final stage. GameSync reports on the state of the Elite Category playing field after the jump.

Out of the 16 teams that qualify for the Elite Category from the last season, only 8 teams took part in this season for different reasons.

Asterisk* and FooSa!! decided not to take part in the CAPL 2007/08 Spring Season and did not turn up for the tournament.

Gamers Inc and Mi2 both qualified for this season’s Elite Category, but as their teams consisted of three new players, they were forced to play in the Open Category.

Team soulshift, wrath* and [email protected]!S~ were disbanded in the interim period between the previous and current season.

For the full results of the tournament so far, click [url=]here[/url].

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