Be a rockstar at the XBGZ Guitar Hero II Championship


[b]SINGAPORE[/b] – Xbox Games Zone is offering gamers a chance to feel like a rockstar at their Guitar Hero II Rockstar Championships scheduled to commence at the end of June.

The competition will take place over four weeks, with a new song selected each week. All participants will have to do is to post their best scores on the leaderboard.

The top scored participant will get 10 points at the end of each week. The second highest will get 8 points, the third 6 points and so on.

At the end of Guitar Hero II Rockstar Championship, the points will be tabulated and the top ranked participant will be XBGZ’s new rockstar.

Interested participants should post their Xbox 360 Gamertag in [url=]this[/url] XBGZ forum thread.

[list][*][url=]Guitar Hero 2 Rockstar Championships Jul-Aug 07[/url] ([/list]

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