GE Regional Arena Tournament SG qualifiers announced


[b]SINGAPORE[/b] – The Singapore qualifiers for the Granado Espada Regional Arena Tournament will be held this Sunday 10am at the H.I.G.H Club.

The qualifiers will see six teams proceed to the Regional Arena Tournament on 16 June 2007, where the top players from Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam will engage in a showdown during the Granado Espada Raid Party at Zouk.

Players will be using their own playing accounts throughout the Singapore qualifiers. There will be a restriction placed on certain consumables and characters above level 72 will not be allowed to be fielded.

Registration is free. Interested participants will need to sign up for a Games Xtreme League Battletag to take part in the qualifiers.

[list][*][url=]Granado Espada PvP Tourney registration[/url] (
[*][url=]Granado Espada Raid Party @ Zouk[/url] ([/list]

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