WCG.SG 2007 SHINE Festival registration opened


[b]SINGAPORE[/b] – Age of Empires III and Xbox 360 enthusiasts rejoice! The very first World Cyber Games 2007 Singapore Championship qualifiers for Age of Empires III, Dead or Alive 4, Gears of War and Project Gotham Racing 3 are to be held at the SHINE Festival on 30 June 2007.

Gears of War will be a 4 on 4 competition, while Age of Empires III, Dead of Alive 4 and Project Gotham Racing 3 will all be individual games.

The champions of each game will be seeded directly in the WCG 2007 Singapore National Finals, and walk away with a cool S$200 each (S$800 in total for each Gears of War team). The runners-up will receive S$100 each (S$400 for GoW) and second runners-up will receive S$50 (S$200 for GoW) each.

Interested participants can [url=http://www.esportsc.com/index.php?option=com_tournament&task=viewTournament&ref=SFL]sign up[/url] at the E-Sports Championship website. Registration is free and closes on Wednesday, 27 June 2007.

[list][*]Registration: [url=http://www.esportsc.com/index.php?option=com_tournament&task=viewTournament&ref=SFL]WCG.SG 2007 SHINE Festival[/url] (esportsc.com)
[*]Announcement: [url=http://www.esportsc.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=62&Itemid=3] WCG @ SHINE Festival[/url]
[*]More details: [url=http://www.shine.youth.sg/events.php?event_month=6&event_year=2007&event_id=122]WCG 2007 WCG

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