DotA Allstars 6.45 initial analysis


The next revision of popular Warcraft III custom map DotA Allstars has been released, bringing the version number to 6.45. GameSync takes a closer look into the changelog for this version.

xqR team leader Wilson “d4rkw1sH” Tang believes that 6.45 will be more stable and balanced than previous versions. “They are adjusting the new heroes,” he said. “And of course just more or less buffing up heros that are not that favourites.”

d4rkw1sH also mentioned that of all the new changes, the buffs to the Treant Protector hero, the ability to use Scroll of Town Portal on the World Tree or Throne and making the Black King Bar (BKB) item droppable stand out as being significant.

One of the most important changes, according to Jovi “T” Sen Joon of team Micronology, is the fixes made to the BKB. “The changes will greatly improve heros that need BKB,” he explained. “Since they no longer lose control, microing attack animation cancelling hits will be easier.”

Previously, when the BKB’s Avatar ability was activated, players would lose control over the hero during the activation and deactivation animations, each lasting two seconds. As a result, the effective duration of BKB is only six seconds out of the total of ten seconds.

T also said that Bloodstone will be a more viable item to get now due to the better health and mana regeneration, possibly seeing application on the Queen of Pain hero.

6.45 is not expected to see mainstream competitive use in Singapore for the time being. Rapture Gaming has confirmed that the World Cyber Games 2007 Singapore and Asian Championships, held on 2 to 5 August, will continue to use 6.43b.

For the full list of changes, view the [url=]changelog[/url]. DotA Allstars 6.45 can be downloaded from [url][/url].

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