Powerhouses dominate VIRTUALAND DotA Competition

[b]SINGAPORE[/b] – The first play day of the VIRTUALAND DotA Competition was dominated by DotA Allstars powerhouse teams, taking 7 of the 8 quarter-final spots.

Big name teams dN*, FooSa, Force of Will, Gamers Inc`Alpha, KnightMare-, Micronology and xqR all booked a spot at the quarter-finals.

Zenith was eliminated from the competition in a first round clash with Micronology. Micronology drafted Enigma, Omniknight, Silencer, Queen of Pain and Zeus while Zenith went with Beastmaster, Sand King, Syllabear, Tormented Soul and Visage.

Zenith made use of Beastmaster’s Scout Hawk summon ability and Visage’s Raise Revenant ability to give themselves vision of map. This allowed Beastmaster, Tormented Soul and Sand King to hunt for Micronology’s heroes easily.

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