WCG.SG PAYM: DotA showdown at Ulu Pandan CC


[b]SINGAPORE[/b] – The action at the WCG.SG 2007 PAYM League looks set to be just as hot as previous WCG.SG tournaments despite top DotA Allstars teams not participating, having qualified in previous tournaments. GameSync takes a quick look at what might happen.

DotA Allstars heavyweights ExsequoR WeCookGrass, better known as xqR, will make their first appearance in the PAYM League.

Joining up late in the game, xqR managed to avoid facing other strong DotA teams. dN*, Knight-Mare, Micronology and Zenith all qualified for the WCG 2007 Singapore National Finals in previous competitions.

However, xqR looks set for an early clash with )DsD(, who were catapulted back into prominence after [url=http://www.gamesync.net/2007/06/18/news/nus-lan-gaming-fest-2007-dota-report]defeating[/url] Micronology in the finals of the NUS Lan Gaming Festival two weekends ago.

Another strong challenger is team Prestige. Prestige made it to the semi-finals of the PAYM Changi-Simei CC tournament before being knocked out by Micronology. As such, they cannot be easily discounted.

Then there is also the chance that a dark horse will emerge from the pack of unknowns and clinch the top spot. In the past three PAYM League venues, relative unknowns iVory`, SocceR and XtC have come out strongly to reach the finals.

Each time, the dark horses were vanquished. Could this week finally see a dark horse breaking the trend to upset an established team?

There is a strong possibility. The comparatively weaker playing field at Ulu Pandan CC could see another dark horse progressing far.

So will the stronger teams prevail, or will a dark horse emerge as champions? As they say, in DotA, anything can happen.

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