XTC goes to Shanghai for CGS

[b]SINGAPORE[/b] – Counter-Strike: Source team Xtreme ChaotiX (XTC) has confirmed that they will be attending the Championship Gaming Series qualifiers in Shanghai, China from 12 to 15 July 2007.

XTC picked the 6 best players from their two CSS teams and will be sending them to take part in CGS. They are: Camio, Cynikal, L’Oreal, R4deec, Sidewinder and Xtremist.

The Singapore Gamers’ Association (SGGA) will be picking up the tab for XTC’s flight to China as well as their accommodations.

Team leader Micheal “Xtremist” Phee said that the team has been working hard, doing full-day lan trainings daily since SGGA confirmed their sponsorship last Thursday.

XTC finished second in their division at the recently concluded Asian Counter-Strike: Source League.

CGS describes itself as “the first true professional gaming league” that features draft, season play, special events and a championship that. CGS will be televised and broadcast worldwide.

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[*][url=http://www.thecgs.com/]Championship Gaming Series[/url] (thecgs.com)[/list]

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