Interview: XTC goes to CGS China


Just a week ago, members from Xtreme Chaotix’s two Counter-Strike: Source teams were preparing for season 2 of the Asian Counter-Strike: Source League. Then they received the biggest news of their gaming careers.

Last Friday, SGGA, the Singapore Gamers’ Association, inked a sponsorship deal with XTC that will see them on-route to Shanghai, China to take part in the Championship Gaming Series Asia qualifiers.

GameSync caught up with the XTC CGS team at Changi Airport, just before they left for Shanghai, for an exclusive interview on their CGS trip and prospects.


Reuben “Ultima” Wong. Age 24. Team director.
Michael “XtReM!st” Phee, age 17. Team manager.
Chinnopong “cynikal” Guo, age 23. CGS team strategist.
Eddy “s|d3winDeR” Lim, age 18. CGS team member.
Sylbestian “R4dEeC” Ang, age 19. CGS team member.
Khoo “CaMio” Yixuan, age 19. CGS team member.
David “L’Oreal” Sim, age 24. CGS team member.

How did you guys come together as a team?

Reuben: XTC was actually a division in another team called Xtreme Force. XF grew and Brian, the leader, decided to participate in WCG. He sent two divisions, and one of them was XTC.

Back then it was called WbG, or Wrath of the Black Dragon. I was in another team, and Brian (XF leader) asked me to help WbG so I said to him, “The name must change!”

All: (laughs)

Reuben: So WbG became XTC. Right from the start we decided that even if we are not the best, at least we can be professional first. Start something. I think the stepping stone was when we got this sponsorship from Steel Series.

How did you come about the sponsorship?

Reuben: We liaised through email and they asked what XTC can do for them. Actually, Steel Series was just looking for a team that sticks together and portrays a good image. Unfortunately, not many teams have that. They have firepower and experience, but don’t have the professionalism and attitude.

So bringing back the questions to CGS, what chain of events led to you being sent off to China?

Michael: I emailed about 80 sponsors.

Yi Xuan: What how many? 80?!

Michael: Yah. Initially one replied yes. It was Fesh, who agreed to sponsor our online game server.

You emailed 80 sponsors to for sponsorship to CGS? Or was it for the longer-term?

Michael: For the longer term. So last Tuesday morning, Mr Chris Soh from SGGA SMS’ed me to come down to E2Max for a meeting. X3G was there as well. He told both teams about what SGGA is doing and what they can sponsor.

So last Friday, we had a match, XTC vs X3G. Both teams played two maps. Both teams won one each. So, he was quite impressed and offered contracts to both teams.

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How did XTC choose the CGS lineup?

Michael: We very “kan chiong” (anxious). We called everybody to ask who could go to CGS.

Chinnapong: Just want to make it a point that the lineup for CGS is not chosen based on the best. We are all equally good. It was an issue of player availability. The five of us and Michael managed to make it to China; The rest were unable.

How did you feel about the short notice and preparation for China?

Chinnapong: We prepared through a lot of scrims and dry runs. We’re looking forward to it.

Sylbestian: I was quite worried, because I’m an NSF (full-time National Serviceman). To get last minute (urgent leave) is very hard, because you have to (apply) 2 weeks before you go off.

Michael: It’s a lot of luck. Things like his NS (National Service), our passports.

What kind of challenges do you see in China?

Reuben: I think for a few of them, it’s whether they can perform optimally well or not. When you are in a competitive arena, you’re bound to be nervous. Sometimes your aim may be totally off, even though you know you have good aim.

Chinnapong: It’s a very professional event, very prestigious. Honestly speaking, we do feel nervous. We do feel nervous.

How about challenges from other teams?

Yi Xuan: wNv. That’s the only team we fear.

Chinnapong: By far I think for Counter-Strike, wNv still holds the top spot in China. We feel they’re still our biggest worry.

So besides CGS, what else do you plan to do in China?

Yi Xuan: I think we’ll do some shopping.

Sylbestian: Maybe some nightlife.

Chinnapong: I think for most of us it’s like our first time in China, so we’re going to use this opportunity to actually understand and expose ourselves to China. Especially getting to know the China gaming community. It’s quite interesting to meet our Asian counterparts.

Anybody you’d like to thank the making this possible?

Michael: We’d like to thank Steel Series, Head Quarters, Fesh and SGGA. Actually, SGGA is the major one, without them there’s no CGS for us. We’d also like to thank all the supporters, fans and everyone who played and trained with XTC.

Chinnapong: For me I really need to thank my family. They have been giving lots of background support.

Eddy: I want to thank my family, they’ve been very supportive.

Yi Xuan: I’d like to thank players from other teams who trained with us. Especially maRvz!, drow and Danny (“underCover”) from X3G. They’re very close friends of mine.

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