Fresh blood, dark horse: XTC.DotA

[color=grey][size=1]Left to right: Miracle^^, skele`, Guest-of-Honour Ms. Jessica Tan, InTheZell, Nam and StarsO`o.[/size][/color][/center]

After several non-starts, Xtreme ChaotiX’s DotA Allstars team surprised many to upset dN*, eventually emerging as the runner-up at the World Cyber Games 2007 Singapore Championship PAYM League Changi-Simei Community Club leg.

GameSync caught up with the dark horses two weeks ago for an exclusive interview with XtC DotA about the team and their performance at Changi-Simei CC.

[b]XtC DotA is:[/b]

Eugene “StarsO`o” Hong, 18. Team leader. Studying in NYP.
Ong “InTheZell” Ming Yi, 20. Graduated from NP, waiting to serve NS.
Ong “skele`” Jun Hao, 21. Graduated from NYP, waiting to serve NS. “I LUV COFFEE”.
Jovi “|0v3 – yUkIk0” Tan, 17. Slacker!
Chung “Nam” Kwung Nam, 18. Studying in RP. (Not present)

[i]Editor’s note: The interview was conducted through IRC in the wee hours of the morning of Tuesday, 10 July 2007.[/i]

[b]How did you meet each other? You must have quite some history together.[/b]

Ming Yi: Lancraft games.

Jovi: Should be.

Eugene: Yeah.

Ming Yi: And IRC channel.

[b]So you guys met online first then went to lan?[/b]

Eugene: Yup. The first time I met Ming Yi was the overnight training at Park Lane. Through out the whole night.

[b]How did you guys come together as a team?[/b]

Ming Yi: We are long friends to begin with and Eugene started finding people to form a team. So I joined the team as I am teamless at that moment.

Jovi: I joined like 3 days ago I think. Nam was looking for last in IRC.

Eugene: Yeah, we were all spamming for a last on IRC. Many people PMed. I said to Nam, find the best 2, then we trial.

Jovi: Omg I’m shy! I’m best 2!

Jun Hao: Haha best 2, but we trialed 2 persons only!

Eugene: LOL

[b]Aren’t you guys taking quite a gamble on recruiting a complete stranger though?[/b]

Eugene: Well, for the (Changi-Simei) CC compy, the night before we had to do some switching of players. On that competition date some of us did not have the chance to play with our last, but we just played anyway and got 2nd.

[b]So that compy you guys just got someone you never played with before and just played?[/b]

Ming Yi: Yup, I never played with Miracle^^ before.

Eugene: We had to do that because of some commanding issues, and some shift in arrangements to make the team stronger. It’s just that Miracle^^ can take up the role in our team.

Ming Yi: We lacked a farmer in our team. We played with Miracle^^ once and determined that he is good enough.

[b]Wow, just once?[/b]

Ming Yi: I only played with him once before the Changi-Simei compy, but I think Eugene had played with him for quite some time.

Jun Hao: I didn’t even know this player existed till the day itself. It’s like last minute!

Well, since we are talking about the Changi-Simei competition…

[b]What did you guys feel when you were originally eliminated in the first round by Mi2?[/b]

Ming Yi: Of course disappointed… but we are just a newly formed team compared to Micronology and Gamers Inc, so we treat every defeat as a new experience for our future.

[b]So were you guys overjoyed when you heard Mi2 forfeited?[/b]

Ming Yi: Hmm… Quite.

Eugene: We were on our way back home. LOL.

Jun Hao: NO! I already tapped my EZ-Link card at the MRT station. It cost me 50 cents for the U-turn. But I do <3 Mi2.

Ming Yi: They gave us the chance to play as Nam was their friend. Actually, they could have forfeited before the top 4. But seeing that Nam was a friend, they gave us the chance to play.

[b]So, basically, Mi2 gave you a lucky break because of Nam.[/b]

Ming Yi: Yup.

Eugene: Nam is joker!

[b]Haha why do you say he is joker?[/b]

Eugene: Because he is overconfident, and when he is overconfident he makes a fool out of himself.

Jun Hao: He always insist he is a Malay! He can make lots of mistakes and still claim credit for wins!

[b]What? Why does he insist he is Malay?[/b]

Jun Hao: Cause of his picture at our website. People comment he looks like a Malay.

Ming Yi: Ya… Don't know where he learnt Chinese from.

[b]Alright, so how far did you expect to go after that?[/b]

Eugene: GameSync did say it was a fairytale…

Jun Hao: We were expecting a loss on the game against dN*.

Ming Yi: Actually, when we knew the next match was against dN*, they were like giving up. Some even wanted to forfeit. But somehow, we did turn up for the match.

Jun Hao: Forfeiting was only a joke. XtC never gives up!

[b]So how did you manage to snatch the victory from dN*?[/b]

Ming Yi: We used the tactic of 4 catch and push, and let Terror Blade to farm a lane solo. We protected him as much as we could, by teleporting to assist him and swapping him out of battle in the early game. We tried to keep dN* busy handling us, and let the Terror Blade have time to farm up.

[b]So dN* fell for your strategy?[/b]

Ming Yi: Can't say that. dN* was letting their Silencer free farm at the top lane too, while Terror Blade was farming at bottom. But seeing that Terror Blade is a better late gamer than Silencer, we decided to protect Terror Blade and let the Silencer farm.

Eugene: That was a wise plan by Ming Yi. Very magnificent!

Ming Yi: I think they didn't expect us to draft a Terror Blade. When we drafted Terror Blade, they seemed stunned. Watching overseas team's draft replays gave us the idea of using it.

[b]After defeating dN*, you went on to defeat FooSa, and then your final opponent was Micronology…[/b]

Ming Yi: Ya! They used MYM draft! Their teamwork and skill were really outstanding. Even Zenith lost to them in the recent compy. (Dota Mechmaster)

[b]So would you say that Micro was by far the better team?[/b]

Ming Yi: Quite, but I don't completely agree. Our draft happened to be the fatal point. It resulted in us losing lane and warding control.

Eugene: Yes. Our draft was more of neutral creeping to get level and money, but their draft was bird scouting (Beastmaster's Scout Hawk), with Furion and Beastmaster catching.

[b]What do you feel about XtC's first top 3 finish?[/b]

Eugene: We hope we can go as far as we can. The CS team is doing well, and we cannot lose out to them. We have to do XtC proud.

[b]Do you think you can repeat your performance again, or was it just a fluke?[/b]

Ming Yi: We are currently in *secret training*, but I think we can repeat our performance! We still win good teams in online drafting.

Eugene: I feel it's another part of trust. More trust equals more wins.

Ming Yi: We hope that we can win this coming CAPL!

[b]Any shoutouts and thanks you want to mention?[/b]

Ming Yi: I would like to thank our sponsors, Steel Series, Head Quarters Cyber Cafe and Fesh for their support!!

Eugene: I also want to thank Michael (XtC manager). This guy gave me my everything. Seriously. He is a quiet person but you must see his brains. He is a very smart person. I wanted to leave XtC because of the flamers and not doing well, but Michael said to stay on and keep trying.

Jun Hao: Lastly, I would like to thank my xiao ke ai (little cutey), cutey, sweetie and lovely baby Sophie for standing behind me all the time!

[b]Alright then, thanks for all your time![/b]

Ming Yi: Thanks for the interview too.

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