WCG.SG 07 scoreboards available

Earlier today, the updated [url=http://sg.worldcybergames.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=136&Itemid=98]match fixtures[/url] for the World Cyber Games 2007 Singapore National Finals were uploaded to the official WCG.SG website.

We are in the process of recreating the match fixtures on GameSync so that we can update you on the progress of the matches as soon as the results become available.

Currently, the scoreboards for [url=http://www.gamesync.net/2007/07/31/news/scoreboard-wcg-sg-07-national-finals-cs-1-6]Counter-Strike 1.6[/url], [url=http://www.gamesync.net/2007/07/31/news/scoreboard-wcg-sg-07-national-finals-dota]DotA Allstars[/url] and [url=http://www.gamesync.net/2007/07/31/news/scoreboard-wcg-sg-07-national-finals-wc3]Warcraft III[/url] are available. These include information not currently available on the official site, such as seeded players or teams in the playoffs.

The scoreboards for the other games will put online as soon as they are done.

In the meanwhile, do post on our [url=http://www.gamesync.net/forums]forums[/url] to show your support for your favourite teams or players in this year’s WCG!


To view the scoreboards, click on the “[url=http://www.gamesync.net/topic/scoreboard]Scores[/url]” menu item as shown in the image above.

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