Top three reasons to visit WCG this year

The World Cyber Games 2007 Singapore National Finals and Asian Championships are slated to start on Thursday, 4th August 2007.

But apart from just watching and supporting your favourite players battle it out with each other, do you know what’s in store for you? GameSync brings you the top 3 reasons why you should visit this year!

[size=3]#3: Game with JJ Lin[/size]

If you are a fan of singer-composer Lin Jun Jie, better know as JJ Lin, you will be pleased to find out that he will be making an appearance at the World Cyber Games Asian Championship on 5 August 2007.

It’s no secret that JJ Lin is a gaming enthusiast, having been spotted at cyber cafes across Singapore playing games such as DotA Allstars. For those who have not been so lucky as to bump into him, here’s your chance to have a game or two with him!

JJ Lin will be taking part in the Samsung-JJ Lin Gaming Challenge, in which gamers will be pit against the Samsung Elite team in a competitive PC and console gaming duel.

There will also be a Westside Music Competition, where participants picked from the audience will sing a short tune from his Westside album. JJ Lin will then choose the best singer!

Needless to say, JJ Lin will probably be greeting his fans and having an autograph session as well. Auctions of exclusive autographed photos, posters and other items will also be conducted.

[size=3]#2: “Believe” in Halo 3 and LIVE cross-platform gaming[/size]

Almost three years ago, Halo 2 was launched. Since then, Halo fans have been faithfully waiting for the next installation in the Halo series to arrive. Well, the wait is almost over. Microsoft will be kicking off the Halo 3 pre-launch activities in Singapore at WCG this year.

According to Product Marketing Manager Alan “Odinstrike” Chou in a recent web chat on XboxGamesZone, the theme for the Halo 3 publicity campaign is “Believe”. He said, “This time Master Chief is on his own and needs all the help he can get, so we’re looking for Believers.”

Freebies such as notebooks, posters, t-shirts and more will be given out at the Halo 3 booth. In addition, Master Chief, the main protagonist of the Halo 3 series, will also be making a special appearance.

There will also be a trailer screening and special stage show at 5 August at 1.30pm, probably featuring the Master Chief.

For those who do not own an Xbox 360 and are not being swayed by the gorgeous game that is Halo 3, there is much for you to do as well.

Microsoft will be running cross-platform gaming sessions between the Xbox 360 and PC platforms through their LIVE service. The games being played include the recently-released for PC, Halo 2 and Shadowrun.

This will also be a chance for you to try out the spanking new Microsoft and Razer designed Habu mouse and Reclusa keyboard, which will be included in the cross-platform gaming PCs.

[size=3]#1: Embark on a quest to win a trip to Seattle[/size]

Have you always wondered what the Grand Finals of a major e-sports event like the World Cyber Games is like? Or perhaps you’ve experienced the World Cyber Games 2005 Grand Finals when it came to Singapore and want to relive it again? Your wishes just might come true!

This year, a [url=]Quest Card[/url] activity will be taking place throughout the four days of the WCG Singapore National Finals and Asian Championships, and the top prize is a trip and accomodation for 1 to the World Cyber Games 2007 Grand Finals in Seattle, USA!

The Quest Card involves five routes, Wali, Chivalry, Gentry, Avalon and Constable. At each route, participants will engage in a simple Quest, which will be a simple mini-gaming challenge.

Upon completion of the mini-game, participants will receive a stamp on their Quest Card, and will earn one chance to win the prize associated with the route in the draw.

For those who are interested in the trip to Seattle, completing Route Wali will give you 1 chance to win the trip to Seattle. If you complete all 5 routes, you will get 5 chances of winning the trip.

Even if you do not win the trip to Seattle, there are other attractive prizes to be won:[list]
[*]Samsung 226CW 22″ LCD Monitor (Route Wali)
[*]Intel Core 2 Quad PC (Route Chivalry)
[*]Xbox 360 console (Route Gentry)
[*]Anime Bundle worth S$300 (Route Avalon)
[*]Trip for 2 to SEA Games 2007 in Thailand (Route Constable)[/list]
And that wraps up our list of the top 3 reasons you should come to WCG this year!

If these 3 reasons didn’t do anything for you, worry not, as there are many more activities to enjoy and things to see. from the likes of Animax, Barracuda, the Games Xtreme League, Intel, Philips amBX and the Singapore Sports Council.

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