Micronology and Zenith clash at WCG National Finals


[b]SINGAPORE[/b] – DotA Allstars titans Micronology and Zenith are headed to a climatic finals clash in the World Cyber Games 2007 Singapore National Finals.

Zenith proceeded only after overcoming fierce opposition from nOva in a game that lasted almost an hour, with a hero score of 30 to 22 in Zenith’s favour.

Micronology defeated opponents AlTeRNaTiVE in their semi-final match.

At first glance, history is on Micronology’s side. Zenith has been jinxed every WCG, always reaching the top stages, but have never actually won a WCG title.

In addition, Micronology has been performing very well in recent months, winning the Mechmaster DotA Competition and the Virtualand EC DotA Clash.

However, at the recently concluded Compaq AMD Pro-Gaming League 2007/08 Summer Season, Zenith [url=http://www.gamesync.net/2007/07/28/news/zenith-tramples-over-micronology]won decisively[/url] over Micronology in the semi-finals, a highlight match of the tournament.

The CAPL 07/08 Summer Season is widely seen as an early indicator of the strength of teams at the WCG Singapore National Finals.

This could mean that Zenith still holds a decisive edge over Micronology, especially so since xMusiCa is [url=http://www.gamesync.net/2007/08/02/news/xmusica-returns-zenith-reunited]in the lineup[/url] as well time this. xMusiCa did not play for Zenith in CAPL 07/08.

Regardless of the outcome, the finals are likely to be the biggest clash of the year, played on the stage in front of a massive audience, with the prize money and especially the chance to represent Singapore at the WCG Asian Championship at stake.

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