WCG.SG Finals: Micronology vs Zenith match report


This article was originally written by Lionel “hammy” Lee.

In what was arguably the highest profile match thus far, team Micronology was tasked with the challenge of facing favourites team Zenith to represent Singapore at the World Cyber Games 2007 Asian Championship.

Having first pick and drafting BristleBack (BB), Zenith followed up with OmniKnight (Omni), Lightning Revenant (LR), Zeus and Warlock (WL).

Picking Sentinals as their side, Micronology selected Queen of Pain (QoP), Priestess of the Moon (PotM), Nerubian Assasin (NA), Chen and Shadow Fiend (SF) as their heroes.

The laning wasn’t very hard to guess with new Zenith player zx on BB soloing mid against hyhy of Micronology on SF.

Top lane saw a battle between Zenith’s LuX and ToFu on Omni and LR respectively against PotM and NA used by Arrow and Queen on MnL.

Bottom lane had BB and Zeus against QoP used by Zenith’s zx and ice and Micronology’s DK-Mag3 repectively. True, under the moniker of Moon was on Chen and could be found luring creeps from bottom lane and intermittently backstabbing bottom.

hyhy was arguably the most valuable player of the game due to his hunting on all lanes as well as farming capabilities. Getting first blood at bottom lane initially started the whole feeding frenzy by Micronology, allowing them to surge ahead to 10 kills to 1 against their strong competitors.

Zenith players were constantly left hugging towers and falling back to base to avoid the backstabbing from Queen’s NA and hyhy’s SF. hyhy was seriously overfarmed by the time anyone had realised. Having a Dagger of Escape helped the SF land more Requiems on the opponents accurately, effectively taking out the weaker heroes on Zenith and slowing down the survivors.

The QoP farmed at bottom lane for about 30 mins, managing to garner over 7,000 gold, enabling up Eye of Skadi on his very first trip back to base. The QoP also denied the bottom lane level one tower, the only tower lost by Micronology in the entire game. This is quite a feat for any team facing a team of Zenith’s calibre.

Middle and top lane were constantly being harrassed by QoP, SF and PotM. These made up the three late gamers drafted by Micronology, compared to only two late gamers chosen by Zenith, BB and LR.

With the overfarming of the late gamers on the opposing team, Zenith was barely able to hold of the pushes and was losing tons of HP on the towers and barracks after each push.

The game ended soon after middle and top lane went down, with the Zenith players losing morale to continue the game.

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