Micronology off to rocky start in WCG Asian Championship


This article was originally written by Anthony “Ant” Moh.

Singapore representatives for DotA Allstars, Micronology, started the day with a loss to Indonesian team XcN in the group stages. XcN had already beat the Indian representatives in their group and will proceed to the playoffs as their group champions. Micronology vs XcN match report after the jump.

Micronology won the cointoss and with first pick, drafted QoP, PotM, Beastmaster, Zeus, and Chen, a similar draft to the one they used to defeat Zenith in WCG Singapore finals. XcN (formerly known as Big-SnR when the went to Singapore last year) took Bristleback, Nerubian Assassin, Shadow Fiend, Warlock, and Faceless Void.

The game started with QoP from none other than Micronology’s hyhy (who has, prior to WCG, played QoP in about every single game when she is available) up against XcN’s Bristleback and Nerubian Assassin, but was joined soon by TruE’s Chen and his Furry Furbolg Friend. At level one, Shadow Strike from the QoP followed by the unstoppableness of her Furry Furbolg Friend threatened the Bristleback with getting first blooded, but he was denied by the Nerubian Assassin with impeccable timing.

Nevertheless, it seemed that Bristleback was merely delaying the inevitable. One level later, as he came back to top lane, he faced the fearsome fury of TruE’s Furry Furbolg Friend.

Middle lane saw a PotM played by Bouncy (known as Arrow in this game – he is known to vary his nick from game to game) up against XcN’s Shadow Fiend, while being assisted by Dk-MaGe’s jungling beastmaster from time to time. With the PotM’s low base damage, it’s a wonder how Bouncy managed to hold the lane reasonably well as the SF slowly built up a damage advantage.

Bottom lane however, went completely to XcN, with QueeN’s Zeus up against Warlock and Faceless Void, with the Warlock playing an almost sacrificial role, most of the time not even being within XP range of creeps in order to harrass Zeus. The result was a Level 2 Zeus against a Level 6 Void and a Level 3 Warlock.

Map control was established very early by Micronology, with Chen getting almost nothing but Wards and sticking with Beastmaster at the bottom forest, wandering between mid and bottom lanes with Chen’s many Furry Furbolg Friends. The Warlock and Nerubian Assassin were taken down almost immediately the moment they entered a lane or the bottom forest repeatedly, and occasionally Shadow Fiend would be taken down as well.

However, top lane left the QoP in the mercy of XcN’s Bristleback, who with Perseverence at 14 minutes was nigh immune to being harrassed (and of course, a single QoP taking him down would be a travesty). Virtually uncontrolled, Bristleback obtained a Reaver very soon after the 20 minute mark. Even worse for Micronology was the Faceless Void who obtained a Mask of Madness by 10 minutes, and a Battlefury very soon after.

It seemed that every single time Micronology wanted to make an attempt for the Faceless Void’s life, there would be an NA or a Warlock lurking just in that region, waiting sacrifice his life to warn the Void of his impending doom.

As SF got dagger, Bristleback farmed a very quick Heart Radiance, and Faceless Void was just plain unkillable, things started to look bad for Micronology. Even though they had twice the kills of XcN, they were unable to catch the Shadow Fiend any longer, and had no way to take down the Void or the BB short of throwing every single spell they had at them (and sometimes that was not enough).

Things were looking gloom for Micronology. Even though PotM and QoP were rather well farmed, they were nowhere near the utility of BB or Void, heroes which can practically clear an entire team once their first major items are up.

Around the 40 minute mark, Micronology managed to catch XcN’s faceless void, stunlocking him with Chen’s 3 stompers, Beastmaster’s roar, and PotM’s arrow after he had already timewalked away (and even then barely managing to take him down). They proceeded to push down the bottom lane, but were driven off simply by a Bristleback with Heart and Radiance holding position in front of the tower, back facing them.

What happened next is rather predictable. Bristleback and Void, nigh unstoppable, led a charge into Micronology’s base, wrecking the Frozen Throne soon, rather effortlessly.

Micronology will be facing India next, and this match will determine who gets the second position in their group, still allowing them to qualify in the playoffs.

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