ACSL: X3G vs Gster match report


[img][/img] X3G faced [img][/img] Gster from Korea in their 1st round of their ACSL division 1 campaign. These both teams have previously met back at Season 1 when [img][/img] X3G edged out [img][/img] Gster 16 to 11. [img][/img] Gster would be looking to avenge that loss.

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Map: de_train

[img][/img] X3G lineup:
[list][*][img][/img] Marvz
[*][img][/img] Fiq
[*][img][/img] UnderCover
[*][img][/img] Fratelic
[*][img][/img] CJ[/list]

[img][/img]Gster lineup:[list]
[*][img][/img] `Nas
[*][img][/img] =SwK=
[*][img][/img] R0ger[MG]
[*][img][/img] philip
[*][img][/img] ‘o'[MG][/list]

[img][/img] X3G will be missing out influential player [img][/img] Drow due to his busy schedule.

Teams and players from various Asian countries has been questioning [img][/img] Gster’s game intergrity. Infamous player [img][/img] Philip has been in the limelight for the wrong reasons. I would have to say judging from the demos i have seen, I would have to say he made some “incredible” kills on [img][/img] X3G and a handful of other teams. I myself, sad to say, have doubts on his game intergrity. Anyway, lets cut the cake and go on to the match report.

[img][/img] Gster started out strong, with [img][/img] =SwK= acing all 5 [img][/img] X3Gs with an MP5 and a Glock in the 2nd and 3rd round at alley. [img][/img] Gster continued their run till the 7th round, where [img][/img] ChrisJ took down all 3 [img][/img] Gster men at alley with an M4A1 Carbine, seeing [img][/img] X3G capping that round.

[img][/img] X3G showed that they were not down and out came back strong into the game, winning back crucial rounds. Good rotation and firepower saw them capitalize their CT rounds, ending with a score of 9 to 7 in favour [img][/img] X3G.

[img][/img] X3G kicked off the second half with a 5 men push to alley. Great teamwork from [img][/img] X3G, with [img][/img] X3G players stacking one another onto the fence to spot any CTs coming from CT side alley. [img][/img] X3G managed to take down 3 Gsters and catch their rotations to cap the first round as Terrorists.

We move onto the 7th round, where [img][/img] X3G managed to take down 4 [img][/img] Gsters and plant the C4 at outer train bombsite. [img][/img] Gster Philip was left to deal with a difficult 3 on 1 situation here.

However, [img][/img] Philip managed to take down [img][/img] Fiq with an AWP at close range at CT base. Philip surprisingly taking down [img][/img] Fratelic at bombsite train with a fast snipe. Then dropping his AWP for [img][/img] Fratelic’s AK, fake defuse and take down [img][/img] Marvz with a headshot from AK before defusing the C4. A jaw dropping round, that was some way out for Gster.

I really think [img][/img] X3G deserved to win this match however the game went in favour of Gster with a score of 16 to 14.

Good game to both teams!

Winner: Gster

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