Mizencrononith emerges victorious in ECP Virtualand DotA Competition

This article was originally written by Anthony “Ant” Moh.

For a competition with only one day’s notice, the response was surprisingly good. The ECP Virtualand DotA competition, was held on August 18th at East Cost Park after a rather successful competition just a few months ago spanning 2 weekends.

This time, the competition spanning only one day with 16 teams saw participation from teams such as xqr (recently known as novA for a short period of time), FoW, Knightmare, and DsD (with their seemingly ever-changing lineup).

Coming out tops, however, was team Mizencrononith, a mixture of Micronology and Zenith players (as the name quite obviously implies).

The staple Micronology lineup of QueeN, hyhy, Dk-Mag3, and TruE was joined by ZX and Ant from Zenith due firstly to Micronology’s Bouncy (or every other nick he uses) being unable to play due to academic commitments, and Zenith unable to confirm the ability to complete a 5-man lineup at the time of registration with 1 day’s notice.

Another notable team was DwRs`, with DwRs’ mainstay CaoCao- joined by FooSa’s lesterx` and 3 players from Zenith, Tofuboi, LuX, and NutZ.

Mizencrononith met up with Knightmare in the first round for what was going to be their closest match in the entire competition. Knightmare managed to farm up a Viper, POTM, and QoP, the best known melee late gamer killers, against Mizencrononith’s SF, Bristleback, and Void.

Knightmare led the early game and mid game due to a very actively backstabbing Sandking and Slayer, and perhaps were helped by Mizencrononith’s hyhy’s less than desirable Shadow Raze accuracy.

However, Mizencrononith’s Bristleback played by ZX managed to overtake all of Knightmare’s heroes in farming by a considerable amount. The tide started to turn in favour of Mizencrononith as the Bristleback utilised his state of being overfarmed to help his team, allowing the Void and SF to farm pretty quickly while denying the POTM of a lot of farming opportunities.

Eventually, after holding off Knightmare’s repeated pushes, Mizencrononith with Bristleback and Void insanely farmed pushed into Knightmare’s base and took down all 3 sides in one fell swoop.

Mizencrononith next fought Evolution and dominated all 3 lanes early on in the game, with Evolution being unable to recover, resulting in Mizencronith clinching a rather one-sided victory over Evolution.

Mizencrononith’s next game saw them faced against DwRs`, with members from Team Zenith on both sides. DwRs` started off with a similar draft to Knightmare’s, starting with QoP and POTM, then proceeded to pick Faceless Void, probably after seeing Mizencronith’s Void performance against Knightmare’s similar draft.

Mizencrononith capitalised on the main weakness of this almost peerless late game hero combination and took DwRs` down with a fast push strategy, repeatedly pressuring and trying to push into DwRs’ base after the 30 minute mark.

The finals saw Mizencrononith up against xqr. Mizencrononith built up a steady farming advantage and it was only a matter of time before they decided to push and took down xqr.

Meanwhile, DwRs` won DsD in the 3rd/4th placing match and walked away with $200 dollars. 2nd place xqr won $300, and Mizencrononith won $500, though perhaps this was not worth Team Singapore being unable to present a desirable lineup in MYM Nations since most of the team was held up by this competition, with only one day’s notice being insufficient to reschedule Singapore’s match against Germany.

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