Gamers up in arms over WGT game lineup


[b]SINGAPORE[/b] – Counter-Strike 1.6 and Warcraft III fans and players have once again been disappointed by the exclusion of the two games from yet another major competition – the Singapore edition of the World Gamemaster Tournament.

WCG.SG Warcraft III runner-up Abdul “girlyluck” Hakim, 19, was “sad” that Warcraft III was excluded from WGT.SG and was bewildered by this development.

“Honestly, I can’t fathom why Warcraft III wasn’t included, given the high demand of slots for the recent WCG where there was an increase in the number of participants and a minute amount of walkovers,” said girlyluck.

Counter-Strike team RageFaction’s Magnum “magnum” Choy, 21, was “very disappointed” with the development.

Magnum expressed his displeasure: “(WGT) has followed the steps of CAPL and WCG.Asian. It’s hurting the CS 1.6 community when there are lesser involvement between tournament organizers and the gamers.”

Not everyone was disappointed with the game lineup however. WCG.SG Command & Conquer 3 champion Dennis “Ravana” Ooi, 21, was pleased that his game was included for WGT.

“I feel that its only natural Rapture included it, judging from the response from WCG,” he said. Ravana added that it was “strange” for CS and WC3 to be dropped.

Rapture Gaming did not respond to attempts to contact them before press time.

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