WC3 reincluded, FIFA dropped from WGT.SG?


[b]SINGAPORE[/b] – Along with the announcement of prizes, dates and venues for the Singapore edition of the World Gamemaster Tournament comes a surprising – and confusing – development for Warcraft III and FIFA 2007 players.

According to the WGT.SG [url=http://sg.worldgamemaster.org/news_page.aspx?id=104]prize list[/url], Warcraft III is back as an official game, whereas FIFA 2007 has apparently been dropped from the game lineup.

Despite this seemingly happy development for Warcraft III players (or sad for FIFA players), caution should be exercised.

All signs point towards this being an error in the announcement. Warcraft III is still not listed as an official WGT.SG game, and the E-Sports Championship website still has not included a registration section for Warcraft III in the upcoming WGT.SG preliminary at the Games Convention Asia 2007.

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