WGT.SG: CS and WC3 were replaced to reach out to more gamers


[b]SINGAPORE[/b] – Counter-Strike 1.6 and Warcraft III were replaced with FIFA 2007 and Command & Conquer 3 to reach out to different groups of players by rotating between the different games, said the organizers of the Singapore edition of the World Gamemaster Tournament.

C&C3 was incorporated into WGT.SG as it is a platform for gamers to enjoy the smooth game play and graphics in competition by playing on quality tournament systems, said the organizers.

DotA Allstars was still kept as an official game due to the fact that it is that game with the biggest competitive community base in Singapore.

WGT.SG is sponsored by Asus Singapore along with Intel, Kingston and SteelSeries. Rapture Gaming is engaged to help manage the tournament in Singapore.

[list][*][url=http://sg.worldgamemaster.org/]WGT.SG official website[/url][/list]

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