CAPL Autumn Elite to be held at GCA 2007


[b]SINGAPORE[/b] – The Compaq AMD Pro-Gaming Challenge 2007/08 Autumn Season Elite Category tournament has been announced to be held at AMD Booth’s Games Convention Asia 2007 booth, in a sure sign of the Convention becoming the biggest event on Singapore’s e-sports calendar this year after the World Cyber Games.

DotA Allstars powerhouse teams Micronology and Zenith will be watched closely, in what will be their first encounter as opponents since WCG. Zenith will surely be baying for Micronology’s blood in revenge for Micronology dashing their hopes in the finals for the WCG.SG Championship title.

Previously, the preliminaries of the World Gamemaster Tournament were announced to be held at GCA 2007 as well. It is not known at press time whether the two tournaments, both featuring DotA Allstars in their line up, will clash with each other as the schedules have not been released.

Elite Category teams should confirm their participation at the [url=]e-Sports Championship[/url] website. Payment of the S$20 registration fee will be collected on-site at the competition venue.

The teams participating in the Elites Category include:[list][*])DsD(
[*]Gaming Giants`Alpha
[*]Team [a.H]
[*]Team xTc
[*]Whose Your Daddy
[*]xqR (formerly known as nOva)

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