The Terrans have landed

For those who haven’t been keeping up to date with Starcraft II, Blizzard released Terran unit and building details on [url][/url] last Saturday. We give you a brief summary of the unveiling.

Joining classic units like the [url=]Marine[/url] and [url=]Ghost[/url] is the [url=]Reaper[/url]. The Reaper is a foot soldier equipped with dual pistols as well as a jet pack that enables it to transverse cliffs, last seen in the SC2 gameplay video released earlier in the year.

Two new air units were also unveiled. The [url=]Viking[/url] is a Macross-like unit that can transform between jet mode and mech mode, replacing the Goliath, Wraith and Valkyrie units of the original Starcraft.

The [url=]Banshee[/url], on the other hand, is a ground attack only tactical strike aircraft that has the ability to cloak.

Literally the biggest addition to the Terran arsenal is the [url=]Thor[/url] “Heavy Assault Mech”. A ridiculously huge two-legged mech, it seems to have the firepower equivalent of a Battlecruiser, except on legs.

For Terran structures, only the trusty [url=]Command Center[/url] has been unveiled. In addition a surveillance station upgrade, there is now a planetary fortress upgrade which appears to put a massive twin cannon on top of the Command Center for some anti-ground defensive firepower.

With the Protoss and Terran buildings and units now partially revealed, the Zerg remains as the SC2 race most shrouded in mystery.

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