Nova crowned CAPL Autumn Elite champion

[color=grey][size=1]Team Nova — Photo: Lee Wei Meng for GameSync[/size][/color][/center]

Nova took the first place after defeating Knightmare at the Compaq AMD Pro-Gaming League 2007/08 Autumn Season Elite Category held at the Games Convention Asia 2007 this afternoon.

Knightmare did not give Nova much resistance and went down in just 50 minutes, with a hero kill score of 35 to 11 in favour of Nova.

“It was partly because we knew their (Knightmare’s) strategy before that game and snatched their hero (during the draft),” said Nova team farmer Khoo “gybzy” Yong Leng.

But the hardest match in the tournament for Nova was Micronology, whom Nova defeated in the semi-final round.

“Although most people expected Micronology to win as they were the WCG champions, we were quite confident with our new lineup,” said Nova’s 19 year-old team leader Alan “rukawa” Ter.

Meanwhile, Micronology defeated Zenith in the third placing match. The match was notable as probably being the first AR (all random) match in the history of the CAPL, and possibly in a major tournament. In AR mode, all heroes are assigned randomly rather than being drafted by the players.

While tournament rules do not allow for AR matches, both teams got around the limitation by doing first randoming for heroes, then drafting the heroes that they got.

Nova walked away with S$2,000 in cash for placing first, while runner-up Knightmare got S$1,000. Third-placed Micronology and fourth-placed Zenith got S$500 and S$250 respectively.

The Autumn Season Open Category will be held 15 and 16 September 2007 at E2Max Cineleisure, while the final Winter Season will be held some time in January 2007.

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