TitaNs going strong in 2007 ACG

TitaNs staged a massive comeback to defeat opponents XcN to book a place into the lower bracket semi-finals at the MyBroadband 2007 Asian Cyber Games Counter-Strike 1.6 Championship this afternoon.

The Indonesia team had left TitaNs in the dust, with the first half ending at 11-4 in their favour. However, TitaNs picked up the pace to take the second half 12-3, and the match for with an overall score of 16-14.

TitaNs will meet either FMJ or Jakis in the lower bracket semi-finals tomorrow morning.

[via [url=http://multiplay.lowyat.net/2007/09/11/multiplay-live-mybroadband-2007-acg-counter-strike-16-championship-day-2/]Multiplay[/url]]

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