GG Game announces Asian DotA championship

GG Game will be organizing a 10-country DotA Allstars online tournament with a prize purse total of US$4,350 (S$6,525) to be won.

Titled the GG Game Asia DotA Championship 2007 (ADC 07), the tournament will involve teams [img][/img]China, [img][/img]India, [img][/img]Indonesia, [img][/img]Korea, [img][/img]Malaysia, [img][/img]Philippines, [img][/img]Singapore, [img][/img]Taiwan, [img][/img]Thailand and [img][/img]Vietnam.

32 teams from each country will take part in the Qualifier Period to determine the top team in each country. The country winners will then move on to the Regular Season, which will be played in a Round Robin league format. The top 4 Regular Season teams will then move on to the Season Finale, where the best team in Asia will be determined.

The prizes are attractive, with each country winner guaranteed some prize money:

[list][*]1st: US$1,200 (S$1,800)
[*]2nd: US$800 (S$1,200)
[*]3rd: US$600 (S$900)
[*]4th: US$400 (S$600)
[*]5th: US$350 (S$525)
[*]6th: US$300 (S$450)
[*]7th: US$250 (S$375)
[*]8th: US$200 (S$300)
[*]9th: US$150 (S$225)
[*]10th: US$100 (S$150)[/list]

Registration will open on 16 September 2007, with the tournament itself to last from 29 September 2007 to January 2008.

[[url=]GG Game[/url] via [url=]SK Gaming[/url]]

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