Intel launches $100k WCG Zone tournament

Intel has launched Rampage Asia, a WCG Zone competition featuring Counter-Strike 1.6 and Warcraft III with a US$70,000 (S$105,000) prize pool to be won. The tournament will run from 15 September to 15 December 2007.

Gamers from 15 Asia Pacific countries are expected to take part. The prize purse for both Counter-Strike 1.6 and Warcraft III is as follows:

[list][*]US$20,000 (S$30,000)
[*]US$10,000 (S$15,000)
[*]US$5,000 (S$7,500)[/list]

Counter-Strike 1.6 teams who play more than 3 hours and Warcraft III players who play more than 50 games will be entereted into a lucky draw for a special prize. What the lucky draw would be was not stated.

Registration is free, but participants must be WCG Zone members. For more information, visit [url][/url].

[via [url=]SK Gaming[/url]]

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