GXL 07 Season 2 goes to the polls


Competitive gamers that feel your game needs a little love and action, get ready to rock the polls! The Games Xtreme League put the 2007 Season 2 game lineup up for polling yesterday afternoon at the GXL forums.

This season, Battlefield 2142, Command & Conquer 3, Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike: Source, DotA Allstars, Quake Wars: Enemy Territory and Warcraft III are up for voting.

The poll did not state a closing date for votes to be received. No information was given on when the 2007 GXL Season 2 would be held.

A tradition introduced by current GXL Game Master Andrei “Andrei” Dmitriev since 2006, GXL community members cast votes in an online poll to influence the choice of games to be played in the upcoming season. In addition, other games can be recommended for inclusion into the polls.

Writing on the GXL forum poll topic, Andrei explained the polling process: “If the game gets no votes or less votes than another game, it will not be hosted for the Season 2.”

“You may draw the example from the Season 1 not having dota (it had less votes that CS! pfft),” added Andrei humourously.

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