Insight on the life of a Korean pro gamer

PC Gamer has put up a short piece giving some insight into the lives of some of the big names in the Korean professional gaming circuit. Quick excerpts after the jump.

“Monday night in South Korea: a match is taking place in the national Starcraft league. About 200 fans are crowded into an e-sports stadium in a central Seoul shopping mall. Almost all of them are female.

Aged from mid teens to mid 20s, many of these fans have brought flowers, cuddly toys and boxes of Dunkin’ Donuts to give to their favourite stars. They shriek and cheer when the two teams walk on stage. In South Korea, pro gaming has attained the status of rock and roll.”

Yet all this comes at a price:

“The best players may be national stars, yet they live almost like slaves. All the pro gamers live in team houses where they have little freedom to do anything but practise.”

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