Multiplay interviews the JackaL

[size=1][color=grey]Photo coutesy of Multiplay[/color][/size][/center]

Multiplay’s Eddy “twenty06” Han has interviewed Malaysian Counter-Strike legend Azmir “JackaL” Hamzah. JackaL led [img][/img][b]Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)[/b] to many victories before moving to Melbourne, Australia to further his studies.

JackaL has been active in the Australian CS community, leading [img][/img][b]Immunity[/b] to defeat [img][/img][b]ExsequoR (xqR)[/b] and claim first placing Electronic Sports World Cup 2007 Australian National Finals.

twenty06 asked JackaL his views on the differences between the Malaysian and Australian e-sports scene (“more multi-gaming organizations here [Australia]”) and skill level (“it’s pretty much equal”) and much more.

Read the full interview on [url=]Multiplay[/url].

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