Up to $4,500 cash prize at TGL DotA competition

Total Gaming League has announced a 512-team DotA Allstars tournament titled “Battle of the Throne”, to be held in conjunction with the DotA Extreme Domination (DXD) league.

Teams will compete through eight rounds of single elimination play over four weeks. Prizes include US$3,000 (S$4,500) in cash, plus computer hardware and other giveaways from tournament sponsors ATI, Diamond Multimedia, Ideazon and Turtle Beach.

Registration has already started at [url=http://www.totalgamingleague.com/battleforthethrone]totalgamingleague.com[/url] and will close at the end of October.

In an [url=http://www.gotfrag.com/dota/story/39920/]interview with GotFrag[/url]’s Neha “PinkPriestess” Nair, DXD Administrator “Hunter_” promised that the tournament sponsors will add more prizes beyond the 3rd place as sign ups increase.

“When coming up with prizes for the tournament they [the sponsors] had no idea DotA was THAT big,” said Hunter_. “I have word that as size of tournaments increase they will be expanding prizes out past 3rd place.”

Hunter_ also mentioned that the Battle of the Throne is just the first in a series of bi-monthly tournaments, with more to come in the future.

The tournament is open to all countries but directed towards North America and Europe, raising the spectre of latency issues that has plagued Asia in other international DotA Allstars tournaments such as the Meet Your Makers’ Pride Defending series.

[i]Special thanks to “Underminer” from Malaysia who sent in the [url=http://www.gamesync.net/contact]news tip[/url].[/i]

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