No upsets at WGT.SG 07 Finals day 1

[center][g2:1136 n=1 size=550][size=1][color=grey]Malaysian team DNA-SK[/color][/size][/center]

The first day of the World Gamemaster Tournament 2007 Singapore Finals saw tournament favourites [img][/img] [b]DNA-SK[/b], [img][/img] [b]Knight-Mare[/b] and [img][/img] [b]Micronology[/b] proceed to the next round of the preliminaries. However, only half of the matches were played out, with 2 teams failing to turn up for their matches.

[img][/img] [b]DNA-SK[/b] defeated [img][/img] [b]Synergy[/b] soundly with a hero kill margin of 54 to 11 in just 51 minutes. The highlight of the match was [img][/img] [b]DNA-SK | Xtinct[/b]’s Lina (Slayer) who was nigh unstoppable in catching enemy heroes, especially when paired with a Dagger of Escape. The Lina scored 26 hero kills.

Earlier in the day, [img][/img] [b]Knight-Mare[/b] trampled over [img][/img] [b]8|w[/b] with an equally convincing score of 53 hero kills to 13.

[img][/img] [b]Micronology[/b] arrived at 3.30pm for their match only to discover that their opponents [img][/img] [b]paladin[/b] would not be showing up for their match. Similarly, in what was the first match of the day, [img][/img] [b]GG[U].M^bao.[/b] was awarded a default win as [img][/img] [b]GEM[/b] failed to show.

Tomorrow’s DotA matches will include:[list] [*][img][/img] [b]Coffee, Tea or Me?[/b] vs [img][/img] [b]stfu`[/b]
[*][img][/img] [b]Minimize[/b] vs [img][/img] [b]Revive[/b]
[*][img][/img] [b][DsD][/b] vs [img][/img] [b]X[t]C rEfOrmMeD[/b][/list]

The teams will play until only 2 teams remain. The top 2 teams will then proceed to play in a 8-team single-elimination bracket along with the 6 other teams seeded from prior competitions.

[size=3][b]Random photos from WGT.SG 07 Day 1[/b][/size]
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