Zenith unstoppable in WGT.SG 07 Finals

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[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_sg.gif[/img] [i]Zenith[/i] went through two matches in the closing hours of day 2 of the World Gamemaster Tournament 2007 Singapore Finals qualifier round, first defeating [img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_sg.gif[/img] [i]Gamers Inc.[/i] and then eliminating [img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_sg.gif[/img] [i]X3M.Osiris[/i].

[i]Zenith[/i]’s lineup for the matches was Ant, NutZ, ToFu, zx and MusiCa, who is back from Australia.

[i]Zenith[/i]’s match against [i]Gamers Inc.[/i] was the easier of the two games. [i]Zenith[/i] drafted Nerubian Assassin, Priestess of the Moon, Shadow Fiend, Twin Headed Dragon and Pudge, while [i]Gamers Inc.[/i] took Bristleback, Queen of Pain, Viper, Warlock and Sand King.

[i]Zenith[/i] dispatched [i]Gamers Inc[/i] in good time, with 53 minutes on the clock, and with a convincing hero kill margin of 48 to 10. The most valuable player in the match was [i]zEn|th Ant[/i], whose Shadow Fiend managed to score 16 hero kills with no deaths.

In Zenith’s second match, [i]X3M.Osiris[/i] did not give [i]Zenith[/i] an easy time, forcing a match that lasted almost 70 minutes minutes. [i]Zenith[/i] drafted Bristle Back, Nerubian Assassin, Silencer, Slayer (Lina) and Tormented Soul, while [i]X3M.Osiris[/i] picked Priestess of the Moon, Queen of Pain, Sand King, Beastmaster and Shadow Fiend.

[i]X3M.Osiris[/i] had a slight edge early in the game, scoring more hero kills than [i]Zenith[/i]. However, by the mid game [i]Zenith[/i] had bounced back and oliberated any advantage [i]X3M.Osiris[/i] had. Even up till the 50th minute it was not clear who would emerge as the winner, with both sides being evenly matched in major engagements.

However, from the 55th minute the game went downhill for [i]X3M.Osiris[/i], with [i]Zenith[/i] ending the game in just under 15 minutes. [i]Zenith[/i] took down their middle lane base tower and barracks then, and barely 5 minutes later also took down the top lane base tower. The top lane barracks also went down shortly, leaving [i]X3M.Osiris[/i]’ base almost naked.

At the 66th minute, after an engagement which saw half of [i]X3M.Osiris[/i] being taken down, GGs were exchanged. [i]X3M.Osiris[/i]’ throne was destroyed shortly after, ending the game with a win for [i]Zenith[/i] and a hero kill margin of 44 to 27 in [i]Zenith[/i]’s favour.

Tomorrow’s matches are:[list]
[*][img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_sg.gif[/img] [i]Zenith[/i] vs [img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_sg.gif[/img] [i]GG[U].M^bao.[/i]
[*][img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_sg.gif[/img] [i]Knight-Mare[/i] vs [img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_my.gif[/img] [i]DNA-SK[/i]
[*][img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_sg.gif[/img] [i]Micronology[/i] vs [img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_sg.gif[/img] [i]stfu`[/i]
[*][img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_sg.gif[/img] [i]Revive[/i] vs [img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_sg.gif[/img] [i]X[t]C ReFormMeD[/i][/list]

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[url=http://www.gamesync.net/gallery/2007/wgt07/finals/day2/]More photos from day 2[/url]

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