Zenith crowned WGT.SG 07 DotA champions

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[color=grey][size=1]Team Zenith — Photo: Lee Wei Meng for GameSync[/size][/color][/center]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_sg.gif[/img] [i]Zenith[/i] defeated [img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_sg.gif[/img] [i]Micronology[/i] to be crowned Singapore champions of the World Gamemaster Tournament 2007, walking away with S$2,500 in prize money. GameSync talks to Zenith’s MusiCa and Micronology’s hyhy about the match.

The finals match lasted just over an hour, with the hero kill margins being very narrow. Zenith had 22 hero kills, while Micronology had 23 kills.

Making a special appearance for Zenith this time round was Justin “MusiCa” Yuen, 17, whose family had migrated to Australia earlier this year.

MusiCa was originally slated to fly to Philippines to take part in a S$5,000 top prize tournament with Zenith. Since Zenith cancelled their appearance in that tournament however, MusiCa decided to take part in WGT.SG with his team mates instead.

MusiCa said that Zenith was very happy (“especially ToFuBoi”) with the win, as this makes things even with Micronology. The match record between Zenith and Micronology currently stands at 2 wins for each side.

MusiCa rated picking Shadow Priest as one of the bigger factors for their win against Micronology. He also mentioned that it was the hero picks that had doomed Micronology: “We had more late gamers. Micro did very well in catching our heroes. However, our Bristle Back and Shadow Fiend were farmed up and they couldn’t do much.”

Micronology team leader Lim “hyhy” Han Yong, 17, agreed and said that his team made the wrong pick. “We could catch the other 4 heroes, but we couldn’t stop the Bristle Back.”

Micronology drafted Beastmaster, Queen of Pain, Viper, Twin Head Dragon and Tiny, while Zenith picked Nerubian Assassin, Bristleback, Priestess of the Moon, Shadow Fiend and Shadow Priest.

When asked if Micronology will defeat Zenith the next time they meet, hyhy said that it would be “pretty even”. “It all depends on the strategy we use. In high-level games like this, the draft will mean everything.”

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