Opinion: Change needed for Singapore DotA competitions

[i]This is an opinion piece by Zenith’s “zx” and does not reflect GameSync’s position and views on the DotA Allstars scene in Singapore.[/i]

Its a well known fact that the rules and format used in Singapore, have constantly “lagged” behind those accepted by the rest of the world. In my opinion, we should start adopting the rules followed by the other countries, both to stay competitive as well as to introduce more variety into the meta game.

The [url=http://www.mymym.com/en/coverage/349/1.html]rules currently being used in MYM Pride 7[/url] are generally accepted by the rest the world. For those new to -xl mode, here is a direct copy and paste from the MYM website.

[quote]Game Mode: Extended League Mode. [b](-Ap mode will be typed in-game)[/b]

[b]Both teams will meet up at IRC / GGC channel / In Game Chat before the drafting takes place.[/b] [color=green]Teams will decide which claims first pick or sides pick.[/color] Both teams will be allowed to take out up to 3 heroes from the pool of heroes before drafting starts. This will work based on a 1-1-1-1-1-1 format. Teams can choose to stop taking out heroes before the maximum 3 heroes limit and their turn to take out the heroes will be void.

[list=1][*]Team one will take out / skip the chance : 1 hero
[*]Team two will take out / skip the chance : 1 hero
[*]Team one will take out / skip the chance : 1 hero
[*]Team two will take out / skip the chance : 1 hero
[*]Team one will take out / skip the chance : 1 hero
[*]Team two will take out / skip the chance : 1 hero[/list]

A maximum of (but may not up to) 6 heroes can be taken out before the drafting session happens. After the taking out draft finishes , teams will proceed to pick the heroes for the game.

[b]Picking heroes: 122221[/b][list=1][*]Team one will pick: 1 hero
[*]Team two will pick: 2 heroes
[*]Team one will pick: 2 heroes
[*]Team two will pick: 2 heroes
[*]Team one will pick: 2 heroes
[*]Team two will pick: 1 hero[/list][/quote]

The ability to remove heroes from the draft pool before the picks begin, allow for a HUGE variety of heroes to be drafted, instead of the standard few we currently see in every Singapore competition so far. This will definitely make the game more exciting for both spectators and players (I just played 5 games of Nerubian Assassin in WGT.SG I think -_-).

Ant has [url=http://www.dotasg.com/forums/showthread.php?p=35499#post35499]posted a poll[/url] in DOTASG to gather opinions on implementing -xl mode in Singapore, and so far, it is strongly going in favor of implementation.

Competitions held in other countries usually uses a seeding system to evenly spread out the powerhouse teams into different brackets. This is to ensure more exciting games towards the later stages of the competition, preventing top teams from knocking each other out too early in the competition. A classic example would be the recently held WGT.

In WGT, DNA-SK, one of the top teams in Malaysian (they’re 2nd seeded over there) was potentially drawn against Zenith in the early rounds of the competition.

Considering the effort the Malaysian team took to travel as well as the cost of hotels et cetera, together with the fact that they are widely regarded as Malaysia’s 2nd best team, they should not have to face team Zenith so early into the competition.

A well-done bracket would be one whereby progressing teams faces increasing difficulty as they progress. I mean, if we (as Team Zenith) went over to Malaysia to compete in their competition, we would definitely not want to meet their best teams in the 2nd round of that competition, especially where the competition is based on a best of one format with no loser brackets.

A seeding based system has long been used for a lot of other competitions other then just Dota, and i strongly feel that this should be implemented soon in Singapore. Advancement in tournaments should be based on ability of teams to perform, and not pure luck.

[i]The writer, “zx”, is currently playing with Team Zenith, one the top DotA Allstars teams in Singapore, and has been actively involved in competitive DotA for over a year.[/i]

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