Pro diet tips for pro gamers has interviewed professional sports dieticians as well as Championship Gaming Series franchise General Managers to come up with a list of diet tips that could give gamers an advantage during competitions.

The tips are particularly useful to gamers who take part in competitions and tournaments in Singapore and Malaysia, where matches are played back-to-back for stretches of up to 8 or more hours and there is little time to eat.

To sports dietician Karen Reid, the parallels between gaming and Olympic sports such as shooting, archery and fencing. She told SourceJunky, “Gamers attending LAN events are not very different from athletes performing in track and field competitions.”

CGS franchise LA Complexity’s GM Jason Lake certain felt that a good diet and nutrition tailored for gaming could make a world of difference. He said, “At the highest levels of pro gaming, events are won and lost by fractions of a second. Anything you can do to maximize your odds of success should be analyzed.”

Below is a brief summary of all the tips, taken from However, it is strongly recommended for all gamers who take their game seriously to take the time to [url=]read through the full article[/url].

[quote][list][*]Avoid caffeine for two weeks prior to a LAN event.
[*]Start the day with a good breakfast of slow release carbs e.g. porridge & banana, beans on toast.
[*]Avoid energy drinks at all costs.
[*]Eat small amounts throughout the day e.g. fresh fruit, dried fruit, sandwiches.
[*]Drink plenty of water combined with occasional salty snacks, or drink hypotonic sports drinks such as Lucozade Hydoactive.
[*]Save caffeine concentration boosts for crunch games or later stages of tournaments.
[*]Employ active caffeine management; 1mg-6mg per KG of body mass, use tablets such as Pro-Plus for accurate dosage.[/list][/quote]

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