CGS Singapore franchise draft confirmed


The team members for the Championship Gaming Series Singapore city franchise have been confirmed.

According to a post on the CGS forums ([url=]Post #85[/url]) by XtC’s Michael “XtReMiSt” Phee, all the first-placed teams and players at the CGS Singapore Live Qualifiers held alongside the Games Convention Asia were picked.

Speaking to GameSync, XtReMiSt also confirmed that a new General Manager for the Singapore franchise has yet to be selected. CGS Director of Asia Operations Steven Yong is currently serving as the temporary General Manager until a replacement can be found.

The previous GM, Chris Soh, [url=]resigned[/url] after being [url=]accused of corruption[/url] and coming under fire for allegedly asking team members to give 50% of their salaries and earnings to his organization, the Singapore Gamers’ Association (SGGA).

XtReMiSt, whose team had been previously chosen, said that the new draft was “okay” and that XtC was not badly affected by the news. “We were mentally prepared for it,” he told GameSync.

The Singapore team for CGS is as follows:[list]
[*]Counter-Strike: Source – [b]Team Titans[/b]
[*]Dead or Alive 4 (Female) – [b]Goh “Lavelynne” Sze Lin[/b]
[*]Dead or Alive 4 (Male) – [b]Wilson “Tetra” Chia[/b]
[*]FIFA 2007 – [b]Marcus “mkewell” Choy[/b]
[*]Project Gotham Racing 3 – [b]Aaron “Phenic” Aw[/b] and [b]Jonathan “Takumi” Lee[/b][/list]

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