ESWC announces 2008 game titles


The Electronic Sports World Cup has announced the start of its 2008 season, as well as the first four games that will be played in the competition.

ESWC starts from today and will end in Summer 2008 with a Grand Final event. Over 50 countries are slated to organize ESWC qualifier events. Yet to be seen is whether ESWC will come to the Southeast Asia nations, with only Indonesia listed in the [url=]country list[/url].

The games announced so far are:[list]
[*]Counter-Strike 1.6
[*]Counter-Strike 1.6 (Women)
[*]Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
[*]Trackmania Nations ESWC[/list]

According to the news release, ESWC is currently looking to add Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, as well as one pure FPS title, before the end of the year.

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