WCG 2007 Grand Finals Asean Cup


GameSync has decided to track the scores of each Southeast Asian country involved in the World Cyber Games 2007 Grand Finals in Seattle, USA. At the end, we will rank the countries and come out with an Asean winner!

We must stress that this is [b]entirely for fun[/b]. There are inherent problems with tracking the relative scores for the various nations – no direct comparison/competition possible (the countries are all in different groups), as well as the fact that not all countries are represented in every game.

The current plan is to rank each country in each game by the number of wins, losses and draws that each representive receives. At the end of the Grand Finals, the top placed representive will earn a gold medal for their country, the runner-up a silver medal and the second runner-up a bronze medal. The medals will then be tallied and an Asean winner will be announced.

If you have any suggestions for a better or foresee any loopholes or problems in the rankings, please free feel to drop a comment! We’ll consider all suggestions.

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