The E-Games mystery closure


Gamers making their way to E-Games in Prinsep Street since last week have been going away disappointed. The long-time favourite lan centre haunt had shut its doors two weekends ago. GameSync did some investigaing and found that there may be more than meets the eye to the closure.

We spoke with a frequent customer of E-Games who only wanted to be known as “elmo-x”. He frequents E-Games 2 to 4 times a week, and said that the closure of E-Games came as a shock to him.

“There are still a lot of regular customers supporting E-Games. It’s just that the DotA teams are training at GGU, leaving only the CS teams at E-Games,” said elmo-x, referring to Gaming Giants Underground, the new GG branch that recently opened across the road from E-Games at Park Lane.

Could this mean that E-Games simply couldn’t take the loss in profits from a new competitor and decided to close?

We asked Mr Nicholas Aaron Khoo, a Director of Gaming Giants, for his take on the matter. “That’s a huge compliment to us, but honestly I don’t think so,” said Mr Khoo.

Mr Khoo explained that he had heard that the building E-Games occupied was going enbloc and was already sold, almost 6 months ago. “They either have to move or have to close, so they chose to close.”

When GameSync paid a visit to the former E-Games on Sunday evening, we saw that the signboard on the roof of the corner shophouse which the lan centre occupied was still lit. However, the place was dark and deserted, the tiled floor outside covered with dirt and cigarette butts. It seemed as though it hadn’t been swept in over a week.

The surprise came when we saw an “UNDER RENOVATION” notice stuck to the inside of the blue tinted double doors, accompanied by another notice that said “OPENING ON 26/10/2007” (photo, below). Up till now, we’ve only heard that E-Games had closed for good, not just temporarily for some renovations.

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The strange thing was, through the glass doors, we couldn’t spot any sign of renovation work going on. The counter was still in place, as well as the tables that used to be where the computers were placed.

A quick check with the staff working at next-door lan centre Speedy didn’t reveal much, except that last weekend, the E-Games staff had moved all the chairs and PCs out of the place.

We managed to get in touch with Kai, aka “P.DucK”, who was working as a full-time technician at E-Games. He confirmed that E-Games had indeed been closed by the owner, Dilip, and was not undergoing renovations.

The likely explanation is that, for whatever reason, the previous management decided to close shop and sold off the business to a third party.

Could this then mean that we will see a rejuvenated E-Games on the 26 October 2007 under a new management? There are also whispers that other, personal, reasons could have been behind the close or sale of the E-Games business.

Tell us what you think or feel free to drop us a line or two if you know more!

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