CGS KL franchise draft and GM revealed


The Championship Gaming Series held a Live Qualifier for the Kuala Lumpur franchise last weekend, during which the General Manager for the team as well as the team draft was revealed.

[url=]Multiplay[/url] reports that the GM for the KL franchise is none other than “Bun” of Mygozone and that the Kuala Lumpur team draft is as follows:[list]
[*]Counter-Strike: Source – Team [b]FMJ[/b]
[*]Dead or Alive 4 (Female) – [b]Be3.INC[/b]
[*]Dead or Alive 4 (Male) – [b]Bag.INC[/b]
[*]FIFA 07 – [b][W|nDz] Loonatic[/b]
[*]Project Gotham Racing 3 – [b]FoRza[/b] and [b]Luige[/b][/list]
Detailed reports and photos are available at [url=]Multiplay[/url] and the [url=]Championship[/url] [url=]Gaming[/url] [url=]Series[/url] website.

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