China-Taiwan dispute enters realm of e-sports

Project Gotham Racing 3 bronze medal winner Liu "D2C-BURBERRYqq" You-Shen displaying the Taiwan flag instead of Chinese Taipei flag — Photo taken from the Team Liquid forums (

China and Taiwan’s long standing political disagreement spilled into the realm of e-sports after nationals from both countries got involved in an altercation during the prize presentation ceremony of the World Cyber Games 2007 Grand Finals.

 The incident started after Project Gotham Racing 3 bronze medal winner Liu “D2C-BURBERRYqq” You-Shen unfurled the Taiwanese flag at the podium, instead of the Chinese Taipei flag.

The act immediately incurred the wrath of the Chinese team and media employees present. They hurled insults at the Taiwanese team, even saying that they were “given birth by dogs”, reported National Nine News.

By displaying the Taiwanese flag as opposed to the Chinese Taipei flag, D2C-BURBERRYqq indicated his support for Taiwanese independence. China has claimed self-ruled Taiwan as part of China since 1949, and rejects any act that even hints at Taiwanese independence. As such, Taiwan has been forced to participate in global sporting events as “Chinese Taipei”, or less frequently, “Taiwan, Province of China”.

While using international competitions as a stage for making political statements is not something new, this incident could be the first time that such a statement or act has been made in an e-sports event of a global nature.

[via GGL Wire]

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