WCG 07 Grand Final medal tally


The USA stormed its way to the top of the World Cyber Games 2007 Grand Finals medal tally, thanks in no small part to medals earned from console games. Brazil managed to place 2nd due to a gold and bronze in Carom3D, while South Korea also came in 2nd with medals in its traditional strength, strategy games.

Full medal tally by country after the jump.

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_us.gif[/img] [u]United States of America (1st)[/u][list]
[*]Gold: Gears of War – Team [b]InFiNiTy[/b]
[*]Gold: Dead or Alive 4 – Jeremy [b]”black_mamba”[/b] Florence
[*]Gold: Tony Hawk’s Project 8 – Dustin [b]”DuVaL_AK47″[/b] Valcalda
[*]Silver: Project Gotham Racing 3 – Wesley [b]”chompr”[/b] Cwiklo
[*]Silver: Age of Empires 3 – Raghav [b]”parfait”[/b] Phadke
[*]Bronze: Dead or Alive 4 – Carl [b]”perfect_white”[/b] White [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_br.gif[/img] [u]Brazil (Joint 2nd)[/u][list]
[*]Gold: Need for Speed: Carbon – Rodrigo [b]”playArt_SpeedNG”[/b] Nunes
[*]Gold: Carom3D – Renan [b]”TheVilMan”[/b] Masserani
[*]Bronze: Carom3D – Guilherme [b]”iOi_BR”[/b] Cerqueira [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_kr.gif[/img] [u]South Korea (Joint 2nd)[/u][list]
[*]Gold: Starcraft – Song [b]”stork”[/b] Byunggu
[*]Gold: Age of Empire 3 – Kang [b]”imagrunt”[/b] Byeong Geon
[*]Bronze: Warcraft 3 – Jang [b]”Moon”[/b] Jae Ho [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_nl.gif[/img] [u]Netherlands (4th)[/u][list]
[*]Gold: Project Gotham Racing 3 – Wouter [b]”Handewasser”[/b] van Someran
[*]Silver: Need for Speed: Carbon – Steffan [b]”Steffan”[/b] Amende
[*]Silver: Gears of War – Team [b]QualityGaming[/b] [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_de.gif[/img] [u]Germany (5th)[/u][list]
[*]Gold: FIFA 2007 – Daniel [b]”SK_hero”[/b] Schellhase
[*]Silver: Command & Conquer 3 – Leon [b]”Xeon”[/b] Machens
[*]Bronze: Command & Conquer 3 – Pascal [b]”Dackel”[/b] Pfefferle
[*]Bronze: Starcraft – Christoph [b]”Mondragon”[/b] Semke
[*]Bronze: Age of Empires 3 – Karsten [b]”SkWzZ_Phoenix”[/b] Hager [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_uk.gif[/img] [u]United Kingdom (6th)[/u][list]
[*]Gold: Command & Conquer 3 – Shaun [b]”Apollooo”[/b] Clark
[*]Silver: Tony Hawk’s Project 8 – David [b]”Zaccubus”[/b] Treacy
[*]Bronze: Gears of War – Team [b]Infused-Gaming[/b] [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_fr.gif[/img] [u]France (7th)[/u][list]
[*]Gold: Counter-Strike 1.6 – Team [b]emuLate[/b] [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_no.gif[/img] [u]Norway (8th)[/u][list]
[*]Gold: Warcraft 3 – Olav [b]”4K-Creolophus”[/b] Undheim [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_cn.gif[/img] [u]China (9th)[/u][list]
[*]Silver: Warcraft 3 – Li [b]”WE-SKY”[/b] Xiaofeng
[*]Silver: Starcraft – Sha [b]”PJ”[/b] Junchun [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_dk.gif[/img] [u]Denmark (Joint 10th)[/u][list]
[*]Silver: Counter-Strike 1.6 – Team [b]NoA[/b] [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_it.gif[/img] [u]Italy (Joint 10th)[/u][list]
[*]Silver: Carom3D – Valerio [b]”Duccio”[/b] Affuso [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_es.gif[/img] [u]Spain (Joint 10th)[/u][list]
[*]Silver: FIFA 2007 – Victor Sanchez [b]”Delfin-1″[/b] Munoz [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_se.gif[/img] [u]Sweden (Joint 10th)[/u][list]
[*]Silver: Dead or Alive 4 – Niklas [b]”SkatanMilla”[/b] Lagerborg [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_at.gif[/img] [u]Austria (Joint 14th)[/u][list]
[*]Bronze: Tony Hawk’s Project 8 – Mario [b]”plan-B_WC_Ente”[/b] Hunger [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_bg.gif[/img] [u]Bulgaria (Joint 14th)[/u][list]
[*]Bronze: FIFA 2007 – Ognyan [b]”[LnX]Slavkov”[/b] Tomov [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_ru.gif[/img] [u]Russia (Joint 14th)[/u][list]
[*]Bronze: Need for Speed: Carbon – Alan [b]”alan”[/b] Enileev [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_tw.gif[/img] [u]Taiwan (Joint 14th)[/u][list]
[*]Bronze: Project Gotham Racing 3 – Liu [b]”D2C-BURBERRYqq”[/b] You-Chen [/list]

[img]http://www.gamesync.net/img/flags/flag_ua.gif[/img] [u]Ukraine (Joint 14th)[/u][list]
[*]Bronze: Counter-Strike 1.6 – Team [b]Amazing_Gaming[/b] [/list]

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