Singapore through to CGS World Championship


Singapore Sword has qualified for the Championship Gaming Series 2007 World Championships yesterday after defeating Kuala Lumpur Taufan (Malaysia) and Seoul Jinhwa (South Korea) at the Pan-Asian Final held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Singapore Sword’s win over the two sides places them in the top 4 of the Pan-Asian Final, giving them a spot in the World Championship to be held in December. They will also receive some US$30,000 (S$45,000) in salary for each player.

Singapore Sword first defeated Seoul Jinhwa by a margin of 28-20. Some highlights included Singapore Sword crushing the Korean side 13-5 in Counter-Strike: Source and 6-3 in Project Gotham Racing 3.

KL Taufan later went down to the Singapore side by a margin of 29-18. Although Taufan put up strong showings in CSS (losing only by a margin of 8-10) and FIFA 2007 (6-1 in their favour), they were undone by their weakness in consoles. Taufan PGR3 representatives Forza and Luigi were previously Need For Speed players and [url=]only had the chance to train 2 weeks before[/url] the Pan-Asian Final. They were no match for J.Takumi and phenic, who had built up competition and game experience over a number of months, even years.

There were some last minute changes to the Sinapore Sword roster. Dead or Alive 4 female player “Lavelyne” was slated to represent Sword but pulled out at the last minute. Replacing her is Daphne “Perpetiel” Chow, team mate Aaron “phenic” Aw’s long-time girlfriend. Another change in the lineup was in FIFA 2007. Mohamed “Xtr3me3” Phirkhan went to KL, instead of Marcus “mkewell” Choy as [url=]previously reported[/url].

The Singapore Sword team lineup for the CGS 2007 Pan-Asian Final is as follows:[list]
[*]Counter-Strike: Source – [b]Team TitaNs[/b]
[*]Dead or Alive 4 Female – Daphne [b]”Perpetiel”[/b] Chow
[*]Dead or Alive 4 Male – Wilson [b]”Tetra”[/b] Chia
[*]FIFA 2007 – Mohamed [b]”Xtr3me3″[/b] Phirkhan
[*]Project Gotham Racing 3 – Jonathan [b]”J.Takumi”[/b] Lee and Aaron [b]”phenic”[/b] Aw[/list]

[i]Special thanks to Chapree of [url=]Multiplay[/url] for alerting us to this piece of news.[/i]

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