CGS: The Sword slays the Dragon

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Singapore Sword knocked Wuhan Dragon (China) out of the inaugural Championship Gaming Series Pan-Asian Final at the semi-final stage yesterday, thanks in no small part to its relative strength in the console titles.

Singapore Sword’s console representatives steamrolled their Chinese counterparts, with Dead or Alive 4 players Wilson “tetra” Chia defeating Lijan with a perfect score of 5-0 and Daphne “perpetiel” Chow defeating Xiobeisi 5-4. In Project Gotham Racing 3 the Singapore side defeated Wuhan Dragon by 6-3.

Wuhan Dragon managed to pull back 2 points after Mohamed “Xtr3me3” Phirkhan went down to Wuhan’s Skyline 2-0 in FIFA 2007, but by then it was too late. As the Singapore Sword vs Wuhan Dragon game went into its final game, Counter-Strike: Source, the point difference between the two teams, 16-9, almost assured Singapore of a win.

Sure enough, even though Wuhan Dragon’s wNv defeated Singapore Sword’s Team TitaNs 11-7, it was not enough to prevent the Dragon from being slain.

Singapore Sword will go on to face Sydney Underground (Australia) in the finals tomorrow to determine the winner of the CGS 2007 Pan-Asian Final.

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