Singapore WCG national ranking falls


Singapore’s World Cyber Games national ranking fell from 23st to 26rd, the second drop in two consecutive years, despite a five point increase from 71.10 to 76.20.

This year’s drop in ranking can be attributed to virtually all of Singapore’s representatives not qualifying for the grand final playoffs. Only FIFA representative Mohamed “[WInDs]Xtr3me3” Phirkhan managed to qualify, making it to the top 32.

Other Asean countries also did not fare well, with Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam falling in ranking as well. Bright spots were Thailand and the Philippines, both of whom surged up the chart. Thailand moved up six spots, while Phlippines moved up 2 spots.

E-sports giants South Korea, Germany and USA, in order by rank, remained unchanged in the top three.

The [url=]WCG national rankings[/url] are calculated using a number of factors, including medal tally, playoff performance and win ratio in the grand final. Also included is the medal tally for the regional Pan Championships.

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