-V- Co. dominates at Orange Box Launch Party

[5th] Company (-V- Co.) dominated the Team Fortress 2 mini-competition at the Orange Box Launch Party last Saturday, sweeping most of the awards.

About 40 people turned up at E2Max@TheCathay from 12pm onwards to celebrate the launch of Valve’s Orange Box by participating in a two hour TF2 marathon. Prizes were given out at the end of the marathon for numerous categories, such as over top points, top frags by weapons and top captures and defences.

-V- Co. sweeped the majority of the awards, with Boyce and Fei101 placing first and second respectively in the overall player ranking. -V- Co. members also sweeped virtually all the action awards, netting the most kill assists for non-medic, most intel captures, most points captures, most dominations and most revenges.

In the weapon category, it was a mixed bag, with rival group SGHL netting 11 out of 25 awards. -V- Co. received 10 awards, while the rest went to various individuals.

Arguably, the most valuable player of the day was Fei101, who got a total of seven awards. In additional to being second overall, Fei101 received awards for best Syringe Gun, best Bone Saw, most healing done, most Ubercharges deployed, most kill assists (medic) and most points captured.

[b]Player ranking[/b][list=1]
[*]Boyce In Your Ass -V- Co.
[*]Fei101 -V- Co.

[*]Pipebomb: Rizz
[*]Sticky Bomb: Rizz
[*]Bottle: [SGHL] KrX |NS|[/list]

[*]Sentry Gun: deadpris
[*]Shotgun: Lamer -V- Co.
[*]Pistol: [SGHL] KrX |NS|
[*]Wrench: deadpris[/list]

[*]Minigun: [SGHL] Hitsugaya |DoD|
[*]Shotgun: [SGHL] Hitsugaya |DoD|[/list]

[*]Syringe Gun: Fei101 -V- Co.
[*]Bone Saw: Fei101 -V- Co.[/list]

[*]Flamethrower: [SGHL]+Eskimo+|Sr|
[*]Shotgun: LeviathanX -V- Co.
[*]Fireaxe: LeviathanX -V- Co.[/list]

[*]Scattergun: [SGHL] Sgt Bala |NS|
[*]Pistol: [SGHL] Cpt.Yoshikuni |DOD|
[*]Bat: [SGHL] Sgt Bala |NS|[/list]

[*]Sniper Rifle: [SGHL] RaTsYc|- |TFC|
[*]SMG: [SGHL] RaTsYc|- |TFC|
[*]Bush Knife: [SGHL] Savior |NS|[/list]

[*]RPG: Cockalogy -V- Co.
[*]Shotgun: Cockalogy -V- Co.
[*]Shovel: Cockalogy -V- Co.[/list]

[*]Knife: Spud -V- Co.
[*]Revolver: Spud -V- Co.[/list]

[b]Most kill assists (non-medic)[/b]
LeviathanX -V- Co.

[b]Most kill assists (medic)[/b]
Fei101 -V- Co.

[b]Most Ubercharges deployed[/b]
Fei101 -V- Co.

[b]Most captures[/b]
Fei101 -V- Co.

[b]Most defenses[/b]

[b]Most dominations[/b]
Cockalogy -V- Co.

[b]Most revenges[/b]
Spud -V- Co.

[b]Intel captured[/b]
Cockalogy -V- Co.

[b]Intel defended[/b]

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