MYM PriDe 8 Playday 2 & 3 updates

Five teams from Singapore have made it to Playday 4 of the eight edition of Meet Your Makers’ Prime Defending global DotA Allstars tournament. Our reporter, Alucard gives us an overview of what has happened to date.

Playday 2 saw the match between Singapore Zenith and Vietnam CVN (Vietnam). In this game, Zenith drafted Phantom Lancer as one of their heroes, an unconventional pick in the competitive DotA scene. The reason behind Zenith picking PL could be that it would be a counter for Spectre, which is known to be imbalanced in the end game.

However, it was not to be so as Zenith controlled the game from start to end, maintaining a kills-death ratio of 2 to 1 against CVN. PL did not feature much in the game, instead farming most of the time. As Zenith was significantly richer than CVN, we could not see PL matching up against an equally well-farmed Spectre.

In other games featuring Singapore teams, Singapore GG[U] won Malaysia F-sG (Malaysia), although F-sG complained about lag.

Team Singapore vZ* won against New Zealand eLs (New Zealand). Though vZ* is not widely known, they have managed a win against a New Zealand team in their debut showing in MYM.

Team Singapore Impreza continued their impressive winning streak by beating The Philippines Pd (Philippines). Although Impreza were losing in the first 20 minutes of the game, after the reload they came back strongly and won the game.

There was no show for Team Singapore DsD and Singapore Gamers Inc. in their matches, resulting in walkovers for Malaysia Arch and Malaysia NSP.

On the other hand, team Singapore stfu` won a walkover over Vietnam WLAO. stfu` waited for them on IRC until play day 2 was over, but WLAO still did not show, leading MYM admin Underminer to award the win to stfu`.

Zenith eliminated GG[U] in Playday 3, and they will face Malaysia E | NsP while stfu` will face Singapore [WLK] next in Playday 4. (Click here to view qualifier brackets)

Correction: The Editor made an error adding ScY to the list of Singapore teams in Playday 4 at the end of the article. They are Indonesian. Not Alucard’s mistake! Thanks to our reader Beanie for pointing out the error.

Correction: eLs is a New Zealand team, not an Australian team. Thanks to our reader takaki for pointing out the error.

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